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  • I've noticed you sell your products in a couple of different places, can you explain this a bit more?
    Sure thing! Etsy is the platform that we consider the main platform, it contains the full range of Smooze planner goodies. We also sell sticker on Amazon Handmade. These stickers are still handmade by Carla in her home studio. Finally, there is RedBubble. Here we specialised in mental health die cut stickers featuring original artwork. These stickers are designed by Carla but manufactured by RedBubble. We also offer our Planner Bag here too! Who knows, one day we might move the shop over to our 'stand-alone website', but there are no plans to do this in the near future.
  • How many weekly spreads are included in the undated planner?
    The planner contain 52 weeks of planning.
  • What is the difference between a dated and undated planner?
    Good question! A dated planner has all the dates/numbers entered for the calendar year, which many people appreciate as it makes it easy to plan out your entire year. An undated planner has blank spaces in the monthly layout and weekly layout for you to write in the dates (or use stickers!) This means you can start the planner at any point during the year, and you are not commited to using the same planner every week. Both options have their benefits!
  • How long does shipping take?
    You will receive an estimated arrival date for both our Etsy and Amazon products. Etsy orders are shipped from the UK, and are usually processed within a week of the order being placed. From here, the Royal Mail distribute your mail before it arrives safely at your home/workplace as per their usual delivery timelines. Please allow two weeks for UK orders and six weeks for non-UK orders.
  • What are the measurement of the Smooze undated planner?
    Please see the Smooze undated planner page to see measurement details.
  • I use 'full box' planner stickers, will the Smooze planner work for me?
    Yes! This planner has been design with the standard 1.5inch full box stickers in mind.
  • Who makes the stickers?
    All Smooze stickers are handmade by Carla in her home studio in the UK (apart from RedBubble stickers ofcourse!)
  • What packaging do you use?
    I try to keep plastic packaging out of the equation. All stickers, planners and accessories are shipped in paper/cardboard packaging, which is much gentler on the environment than plastic!
  • I still have a question, who should I contact?
    Please reach out to
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