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Today's top three: how to prioritise your daily goals

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Think about everything you could do today. Notice I said 'could', rather than 'should'. The chances are some of your 'coulds' simply aren't that important. When we convince ourselves that everything on our to-do list is of equal importance, then nothing is actually a priority.

Realistic day planner


We're much more likely to procrastinate and run away from our unrealistic and unachievable plan for the day, when we haven't established what is important. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed, in a a negative cycle of dissatisfaction.

If you find yourself feeling bad at the end of the day, saying phrases like 'I didn't do enough', or 'I wasn't productive today', the chances are your to-do list wasn't realistic in the first place, and you weren't setting yourself up for success.

A better start to the day is to establish your 'today's top three' in your day planner. These are your three most important and time sensitive tasks from your to-do list, that you can get done today. If choosing them seems like a daunting task, try using the prioritisation matrix below to categorise each task:

Time management planner

day planner | time management planner | daily goal planner

Once you're clear on where your tasks sit in the matrix, you'll be able to focus on the 'do' category, where you will pull your top three priorities from. For the other categories, here's what you can do:

  • Schedule: Place these tasks into the next few weeks in your daily goal planner, or even next month depending on how many there are!

  • Delegate: For tasks such as posting birthday cards, picking up dry cleaning or other time-sensitive but non-crucial errands, it's a good opportunity to ask for help from your significant other, house mate or family member.

  • Eliminate: completely removing something from your list seems like a bold move, but sometimes has to be done, otherwise you have no time left for you!

Daily goal planner

Ready to make a start on your Top Three? Now you can tackle these tasks with complete clarity and focus, without worrying about the other things on your to-do list. This should give you a new-found sense of calmness, without all the negative feelings and stress.

To make your top three stand out in your time management planner, use the 'Today's Top Three' planner stickers from Smooze:

day planner | time management planner | daily goal planner

Additionally, the right day planner makes prioritising your daily tasks a whole lot easier. Depending on your personal preferences and what works best for you, you may opt for a vertical layout planner, or a dashboard planner. Check out the range of planners available at Smooze, to help you to have calm, productive and happy days ahead!

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