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The wait is over!

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Smooze hardback planners are here, just in time for new-planner shopping!

These planners are available in two sizes: A4: 8.25 by 11 inches

Medium: 6.14 by 9.21 inches

Once you've picked your size, you'll then have three choices to make: dated vertical, undated vertical or undated dashboard.

For anyone reading this who might not understand the planner lingo such as 'vertical' or 'dashboard', that is just a way to describe how the weekly views are laid out. You can see the product photos to understand better.

These planners are exclusively available on Amazon, and have been designed by me with 'sticker space' in mind. Head over to the planners page to see some gorgeous photos of the planners and the range of layouts available.

Also, if you planner needs a friend, matching notebooks are also available! Eek!

Happy shopping!



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